Our Mission

The mission of High Adventure Leadership is to improve leaders at all levels by improving the way organizations train and develop their leaders.

At High Adventure Leadership our philosophy is:

Good Leaders Are Always Learning

Whether by books, classes, workshops, videos, podcasts, coaches, mentors, discussions with colleagues, or all of the above, good leaders are continually feeding their own leadership development.

Great Leaders Are Always Returning

Great leaders are not only students of leadership, but they seek to return and give back to others in their organization by teaching, coaching, and mentoring others in leadership.

About James Elliott

James Elliott is a certified leadership coach and trainer, aerospace safety and quality professional, aviator, and founder of High Adventure Leadership.

James has been a student of leadership for over 35 years starting when he was a Boy Scout, where he earned the rank of Eagle Scout.  He has a degree in chemical engineering degree from the University of California at Berkeley and was an NCAA Track & Field Athlete.

James has spent the last 25 years leading and managing highly effective teams in the areas of engineering, maintenance, safety, quality, and organizational development.  He has experience in a variety of industries that include petrochemical, pharmaceutical & biotech, food manufacturing, and aerospace.  He is also an expert in safety and quality management systems as well as lean manufacturing.

In parallel to his professional career, James served over 15 years as a member of the Auxiliary Branch of the US Coast Guard. With the Coast Guard, he helped rescue numerous people as a boat crewman and emergency medical technician and later as a boat coxswain. A graduate of the Coast Guard’s Leadership and Management School, James served in many leadership positions including a tour as the National Branch Chief for Leadership Development.

What People Say

“I was lucky enough to work with James when he was volunteering with the Coast Guard. His leadership and work ethic were instrumental, resulting in many lives saved.”

Petty Officer Lyle Mattie, US Coast Guard

“James brings a great deal of integrity to all of his tasks and actions. One challenge that we face is: How do we make that type of integrity contagious for others to mirror?”

Director, United Airlines

Let’s develop better leaders together.